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Empowering investors with the power of AI and advanced analytics

StockNote is powered by a proprietary Giga Trading Engine. It is an engine that combines artificial intelligence (AI). powerful computing and analytical technology to identify opportunities, trends and patterns from the ocean called stock markets and present these as simple, filtered and actionable ideas.

Advanced Analytics Advanced Analytics
Simple and quick

Simple and quick

A simple user experience and quick on-boarding to help beginners invest and trade in the markets fearlessly.

One Touch Trading

One Touch Trading

The StockNote feed includes a direct one touch trading experience. Read a piece of information and trade right from it.

Trends and Top News

Trends and Top News

A Trending StockNote feed to help users understand what’s happening in the markets at this moment.

Stock Markets made incredibly easy

StockNote makes the tasks of understanding markets and trading them extremely easy. Beginners can get step-by-step help with Stock Note’s onboarding program and in app training tutorials.

Stock Note onboarding program Stock Note onboarding program Stock Note onboarding program

Personalized and Bundled Trigger Alerts

StockNote ensures that you never curse a missed opportunity with it's powerful StockNote notification that helps you track every move in your portfolio. Also, introducing Trigger Alerts for the first time in India – bundle price/volume and other alerts with pre-saved orders.

Bundled Trigger Alerts Personalized Trigger Alerts Customized Trigger Alerts

Simplified Stock market Analysis

The Stock Market can be quiet intimidating for beginners and experts alike. Also it is humanly impossible to manually track ideas due to the gigantic nature of the markets. StockNote powered by the Giga Trading engine with it’s super human capabilities tracks the market, identifies opportunities and presents them to investors as simplified and actionable insights.

Stock market Analysis Simplified Stock market Analysis Stock market Analysis and reports

Your Personal stock market

Now you can pick and choose the information you want, the experiences you desire with StockNote. Personalization and customization are at the heart of StockNote and investors can completely customize their feeds, watch lists, trading preferences and a lot more. Goodbye to the days of One size fits all approach in the Stock markets.

Custom stock market experience Custom stock market experience Custom stock market experience

Our Commercials

StockNote is different from other trading platforms in India. Watch the film to find out how!

Frequently Asked Questions

StockNote is the new mobile App launched by Samco Securities, which is powered by proprietary Giga Trading engine.
It is available on Android Play Store and iOS store; it will also be available on WEB platform in due course.
Samco is offering 100% brokerage cash back for all trades done through the StockNote platform for the first month, for full details refer FAQs on the StockNote Brokerage Cashback scheme on the Samco website.
Samco Securities is the owner and developer of the StockNote App.
For all trades through the StockNote platform, the first month brokerage shall be absolutely free and subsequently the brokerage shall be Rs 20/- per executed order or 0.02% or 0.2% whichever is lower. You can calculate the detailed brokerage on SAMCO's Discount Brokerage Calculator .
The RMS policies that are applicable to Samco clients are also applicable to StockNote users. You can go through the detailed SAMCO RMS Policy on the SAMCO Website.
StockNote will initially be available along with the old Samco mobile app, however in due course the old app will be phased out and only StockNote App will be available for trading.
Yes, trades on NSE, BSE and MCX can be placed through the StockNote App.
Yes it is available on the StockNote mobile App.
Yes, StockNote is fully integrated App, funds can be transferred to and fro; profit and loss can be monitored on a real time basis etc.
No, you can download the StockNote by linking your Facebook or Google accounts as a guest user but you will not be able access the live market data or watchlist or trade through the App as a guest user.
In order to trade from the App and to gain full understanding of Stock Note’s true potential it is recommended to become a Samco customer.
You can raise a ticket on the Ticketing Support on the Samco website .